painpoints unbalanced workloads

Unbalanced Station Workloads

If some of your assemlby line stations are underutilized or over utilized, you are likely experiencing bottlenecks and efficiency issues.

painpoints quality

Quality that can never be promised

The unfurnished part of the data will never let the company give cent on cent on quality.

painpoints pay for errors

Paying for errors

Poor Data Quality will end up digging in for no substantial search and still, you will have to pay for the work being done.

painpoints lack of information

Lack of Real-Time Information

Without accurate, ongoing, real-time information about your assembly line, you are not equipped to foresee potential issues or quickly react to them when they arise.

Helping you get the most out of


Right People

Right Skills

Right Network

Setup Your Workspace

Manage your organization, Register your assets, Define your measurements.

Connect Your Devices

Know your devices, Configure your connection, Retrieve your data.

Visualize Your Data

Create your own dashboards, Customize to your needs, Interact with your data.


From solar or aqua farming to manufacturing. We are industry agnostic

Hardware Manufacturers

PLCs are a key component for the collection and transmission of data. We provide complete coverage of all well know PLC manufacturers.

Protocol Transformation

PLCs communicate with 50+ protocols worldwide. We are providing a Smart Gateway compatible with all of them.


Seamless integration with your ERP, monitoring or fleet management system.

Edge Box

Edge devices interface with PLCs. They provide real-time data processing and transformation functionality at the edge before transmission and storage in the cloud.

Cloud & On Premise

OCTOBUS provides both SaaS and on premise solutions.


Data visualization using dashboards, isometrics, augmented and virtual reality glasses.

Cost Saving

Save costs, prevent outages, ensure a high productivity and information availability.