Enabling SMEs in IIoT

Your IIoT platform that helps you collecting, monitoring and analysing your data.

OCTOBUS is an innovative and sophisticated SaaS IloT application. Due to its inter-sectoral utilization potential, affordable pricing model, interoperability, flexibility and low implementation expenses it is a perfect tool to encourage even SMEs to start with their digital transformation activities. OCTOBUS generates benefits to the point without unnecessary gimmicks/ features. This is unique in the loT landscape.

Therefore OCTOBUS can be considered as a GAMECHANGER

Digitalization is increasingly becoming a key competitive factor, no matter what business you are in. However, due to limited resources, complexity and high investments it’s still a big challenge especially for small and medium-sized enterprises/SMEs. The IIoT Platform OCTOBUS has been designed to fix this problem. It offers businesses an opportunity to get started with their digital transformation initiatives immediately.

OCTOBUS is a sophisticated and affordable tool to visualize and optimize your business performance. Another fascinating aspect is its industry independency, i.e. it can be applied in the manufacturing sector but also in agriculture, healthcare or smart city projects...

In August 2022 integrationWorks Asia has raised $750,000 USD for its IIoT Platform OCTOBUS, in its seed funding.

We believe that OCTOBUS is unique in the way that it enables especially small and medium-sized enterprises to get started with their digital transformation in an easy, fast and affordable manner, and we are pleased that our investors believe in us.  The money invested into the product will be used for scaling up the company, implementing new features to the platform, exploring new market opportunities, implementing third party products, and expanding our presence in the ASEAN region

OCTOBUS – Unique Characteristics

OCTOBUS IIoT Data Security

Data Security

OCTOBUS implements strict user identification and data access rights and provides a secure segregated environment.

OCTOBUS IIoT Affordability


OCTOBUS is based on an affordable monthly subscription model. For pricing click here.

OCTOBUS IIoT Interoperability


OCTOBUS can gather data from PLCs provided by different hardware providers (Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc.) and data from commercial sensors using like Sigfox, LoRa, etc.


Setup Time

PLCs are connected to OCTOBUS in less than an hour. Commercial sensors (Sigfox, LoRa, …) are synchronized by OCTOBUS by simply providing your API access data to the platform.

OCTOBUS – Benefits

OCTOBUS IIoT Monitors and controls

Monitors and Controls the Performance of Your Assets

OCTOBUS IIoT Reduces costs

Reduces Your Costs / Expenses

OCTOBUS IIoT Reduces downtime

Reduces the Machine Downtime and Breakdown

OCTOBUS IIoT Increases occupational

Increases Occupational Health and Safety

OCTOBUS IIoT Increases efficiency

Increases Your Efficiency

OCTOBUS – Key Functionalities

OCTOBUS IIoT Dynamic dashboards

Dynamic Dashboards, Isometric Views, GEO Fencing

OCTOBUS IIoT Statistical aggregation

Statistical Aggregation (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)

OCTOBUS IIoT Rule based alerting

Rule Based Alerting and Notifications (Online, Line, E-mail, Etc.)

OCTOBUS IIoT Connectivity

Connectivity (PLC-EDGE Device, Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT)

OCTOBUS IIoT Import export scheduled

Import, Export, Scheduled Reporting




From solar or aquafarming to manufacturing. We are industry agnostic.

OCTOBUS IIoT Hardware manufacturer

Hardware Manufacturer

PLCs are a key component for the collection and
transmission of data.
We provide complete coverage of all well known PLC manufacturers.

OCTOBUS IIoT Protocol transformation


PLCs communicate with 50+ protocols worldwide. We are developing a Smart Gateway compatible with all of them.


Edge Box

Edge devices interface with PLCs. They provide real-time data processing and transformation functionality at the edge before transmission and storage into the cloud.

OCTOBUS IIoT Cloud & On Premise

Cloud & On Premise

OCTOBUS provides both SaaS and on premise solutions.

OCTOBUS IIoT Visualization


Data visualization using dashboards, isometrics and augmented and virtual reality glasses.

OCTOBUS IIoT Integration


Seamless integration with your ERP, monitoring or fleet management system.



Save costs, prevent outages,ensure a high productivityand information availability.